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Back in her youth, Padme had been reckless: wild hairstyles, illicit passionate affairs, giant alien rumbles which left her clothes torn in the most provocative of ways. – But now that there was a baby on the way, she was a different woman. She preferred staring out windows to politics and action sequences now.

And that was what made her such a deep and complicated figure to all those who knew her.

Hey guys. I guess the time has come for me to address the first comment phenomenon.

First, I think I am the one who created the monster, as way back a while ago I said I would at very least reply to every comment on the first page because it usually comes up while I am still at the computer. I don’t know if this promise of mine sparked the competition, but if it has, I will stop the bias.

Second, the content of comments. I don’t mind comments of “OMG!” or “SQUEE!” or “XDDDD” or “first?” at all and likewise I absolutely ADORE more detailed comments. This journal was never created to be a serious place and I just enjoy seeing people have fun, whether or not a person chooses to express their exuberance with one l337 phrase or a whole paragraph, is up to them and as long as their comments are positive and or constructive I have no problem with them and I don’t feel the need to delete or freeze such things.

I don’t even really mind, “COMMENT” for usually the person comes back and says something more, but it is quite boring when you get 5 only “COMMENT” comments in a row just as such doesn’t really express anything and how many times can you respond to the same word? Just keep in mind, if you had a journal entry and people only wrote “COMMENT” in return to you 20 times in a row, what might you think?

What I don’t like is bickering in the comments. Please don’t do it. This isn’t the place. Each to his own, let one person squee as they might. If I see something I disapprove of, I will take care of it. Thank you everyone for looking out for the journal, but no worries.

For the record, things I disapprove of: anonymous flames (use your name if you have something to say) and advertising (it’s spam).

Remember always, always, this place is for FUN. If you want to “OMG!” or “Wee, first!” or tell a nice little story, I don’t mind at all. I love hearing from everyone having a good time. I think I will be sad the day no one cares again about commenting. Remember the readers here are what makes these comics anything of interest.

Note: sometimes questions get lost in the comments- if you feel I haven’t replied to you in forever long, there is also always the email listed in the FAQ.

Thanks so much! Sorry to go on and on, I can just see tensions mounting and want no one to become upset.

Now, everyone let’s have a good time!

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