The Dark Side Is The Best Sauce (iharthdarth) wrote,
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As the big blockbusters of summer gently give way to the quiet lull of fall features in preparation for the onslaught of last minute Oscar contenders in the holiday season, a little person in a chair wonders if it isn’t time for certain comic about a certain summer picture, to bow out with the grace of cinematic seasons.
- For, the times have changed a bit. That same person went from working at a computer 8 hours a day to being away from home upwards of 13 hours at a time. Oh, this was supposed to be such a gentle ease, I could kick life for taking me out of commission before sharing this! - The times change, always have- but when they do, sometimes it is better to succinctly kiss something good night and let it go than it is to let it linger and wither and grow tired. –It’s time for us all to find bigger and better things! It’s a great big galaxy out there.

I don’t think I could ever express the complete and utter gratitude I have for all the readers who have come here. – For commenting and telling me your stories, for lending gifts to this journal, for emailing me. Thank you so, so much. Never in a hundred billion years did I think people would enjoy this place so much, but I am so happy they did. It has been an absolute thrill and delight for me the entire time.

These comics will never go anywhere, you might always find them here. Likewise, you are free to keep this place friended- for who knows? Jedis have been known to return in the past and to be honest, I like clicking through though the links here and thinking, “So many!” still. My email will also, always be open for anyone who would like to write me. I will always be around.

I should like very much at this time, to give some gifts to you, dear readers. First, for all those who asked for clothing- it’s not much! – But perhaps it will serve your livejournal or webpage. Then, for all those who wanted me to feature their own comic. I’m sorry I couldn’t do it here, but perhaps this place will be good starting point for you instead.

Again, thank you all. Special thanks to those on my FAQ page: The Darth Posse, those who bought me livejournal accounts and domain names, those who named kittens and made fanlistings or icons or communities, who wrote articles, who translated- everyone. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

And as a last thought, before I go and read through the comments of the last entry, I just wanted to say, remember- if there was still good in ol’ Darth Vader at the end, there must be so much good in all of us right now. So, as another celebrity from a different galaxy far, far away once said: Be Good.

♥ breathe.

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